The Department of Art provides its students with the technical and conceptual tools needed to make innovative contributions to a visual culture in which traditional boundaries between the visual arts, design, film, video, and architecture have become increasingly blurred. The accomplished faculty members bring their professional experiences to the studio, providing a contemporary context for the development of skills and ideas. The department’s creative environment encourages creative problem solving, interdisciplinary experimentation, and the production of images, objects, and experiences that reflect a sophisticated visual literacy. From a shared foundation emphasizing traditional fundamentals of art and design, students move into media concentrations that encourage interdisciplinary interaction, particularly in developing digital technologies. This flexible interaction between traditional and new media is central to the department’s vision and the success of its mission.

In a society that increasingly defines itself in visual terms, artists and designers are critical in shaping its future. The creative atmosphere of the Department of Art’s studios is a fertile ground for the development of the complex skills and ideas needed to navigate and contribute to an evolving visual culture. Our location, just outside the Washington, DC, and less than an hour away from Baltimore provides access to the numerous museums, galleries, embassies and international institutions, and brings important real-world experience to students in our program.



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The Department of Art

The University of Maryland

1211-E Art/Sociology Building

3834 Campus Dr.

College Park, MD. 20742

tel. 301-405-7790



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