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2013 2d winner
Neal Flynn
First Prize, Category: Two Dimensional
Ink on Paper

Artist Statement -

When two objects of unequal mass move towards each other they collide and then move apart again - coexist.

2013 3d winner
"A World Bound Forever"
Max Neumann
First Prize, Category: Three Dimensional
Aluminum and rope

Artist Statement -

We live in a world that often feels unstable and on the verge of unraveling like a rope. It may not be the most beautiful thing, but it will always be your home. To strengthen our home, we need a foundation of peace and tolerance. However, to achieve real strength and beauty, tolerance is not enough. Tolerance is “the capacity to endure.“ We also need acceptance, “the favorable reception of an idea, opinion or belief.“ We have the potential to make our entire world amazing and that will require acceptance, support, and love of all who inhabit its home. Acceptance of those around us is the treasure we so desperately need to allow our world to shine bright. This globe is made from rope and casted aluminum. The aluminum and its shine represent the potential beauty that our world possesses and the treasure that it is. The rope signifies that despite our cultural, theological and philosophical differences we are bound together in our responsibility to protect our planet, and it reminds us that we must be united to achieve peace and tolerance or we may unravel and fall apart.

Second Prize, Two Dimensional

2013 2d runner-up
Second Prize, Three Dimensional

2013 3d runner-up