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2012 2d winner
"Another Day, Another Dollar"
Jason Hughes
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
American Currency

Artist Statement -

Since 2007, I have been weaving with shredded money as a means to explore the ideas of labor, value, and self-worth. For many people, dignity is achieved through the work that they do; the ability to provide for their loved ones, honor through contributing to the betterment of society, or simply pride because of a job well done. My highly crafted and meticulous works not only illustrate a painstaking process, but they also highlight the disparity between skilled labor and industry in the United States. If there are no jobs for people to find strength through, then the social fabric begins to erode and individuals lose hope for what the future may hold. A fundamental shift must take place within the United States that will move us away from the ongoing devaluation of skilled labor and industry, towards self-empowerment and dignity through hard work, education, and sense of purpose.

2012 3d winner
Mark Earnhart
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional
Bronze, Leather

Artist Statement -

Dignity isn't something tangible, easily defined or readily apparent without negative circumstance. It is most often spoken about when something has been stripped away by overwhelming forces. It is the ideal, the thing that doesn't need to be defined, until it is in peril of being discovered missing. Dignity is intentionally ambiguous, evoking decency, rights and respect. In a just world this concept would not need to be regulated, it would simply exist. The sculpture "Tangible" is a visual affirmation of a moment where dignity is on the verge of being lost. The form of a sandwich refers to the layering of what constitutes dignity, the sum of its parts. It is also about human sustenance, hand to hand connected interaction and the weight of disparaging global circumstance.