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2011 2d winner
"One and Two"
Fawna Xiao
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
Screen Print

Artist Statement -

Peace is a from of balance. This balance is at it's most fragile and important when between a people and its leader. It realies on the power that the people invests in the leader, and the leader heeding the voice of the people.

I created two elements within one space; one is the absence of the other. They can be two characters, two countries, or two ideas. They exist simultaneously -- two creatures living in peace, despite their differences. I created them to be unequal, but still balanced, like any relationship between a leader and his or her people. One man leading a country is balanced against the entire population of his country. Such is the relationship between the two elements in the print. One is the voice of the people -- and one is the listener.

2011 3d winner
Jesse Burrowes
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional
Metal and Rubber

Artist Statement -

Heeding the voice of the people is the never-ending task of political figures. The voice itself is an amalgamation different wills and impulses that have been spun and pressed to fit into the broad themes of cultural moralities. Listening is a public action, and the test of effective leadership is the ability to cull from the cacophony of mediatized voices and find the pulse of public expression. Given the global political events of the past few months, the declarations of the public in some countries have been so articulate it is hard to see how these pronouncements could be repressed. Sometimes stated terms become so unanimous that they are impossible to ignore. This object is an old squeezable automobile horn of which the bell has been replaced with an ear. The irony of a listening device that produces an alarming honk represents the compromised call and response of political dialogue. This object is functional as a facilitator to the public act of hearing in the traditions of an expressive hoot. It is an exclamation point that can be added to any sentiment, it could be aggressive and poignant. This device may also be used to help wake some powerful people who may have nodded off.