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2009 2d winner
Malena Barnhart
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
Painting - Latex Paint, Soft gel, Photographic transfers, India Ink

Artist Statement -

Foreign policy during the Obama administration seems to be moving away from the aggression and isolation that has stigmatized the United States during the last eight years. This piece is meant to evoke the magnitude of the task that the administration now approaches.

2009 3d winner
Samuel Moore
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional
Sculpture - Bronze cast

Artist Statement -

This casting represents the difference in foreign policy that the United States will see over the next four years with its two distinct halves. The war on terror has proved to be a tough fight. While former President Bush did what he saw was best for the American people, the war has mostly bred insurgency and animosity towards the United States. Obama's foreign policy will revitalize relations in the Middle East, bringing a more orderly and joint effort to combat terror. The geometric base of this piece represents this solid joint effort. While the bottom of this piece represents order and unity, the top represents the freedom that comes from solidarity. The top needs the support of the base, just as the freedom that Obama wishes to provide will fall without a renewed relationship with our global partners. This piece is not strictly about the Middle East. It is a global piece, representing the same unity and freedom throughout the world. During the Bush era, America became a target of criticism by not only our enemies, but our allies as well. The Obama administration seeks to solve this and try to regain the good standing that America once had. It is only through joint cooperation that Obama will be able to support the freedom that the world desires.