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2008 2d winner
"A Fragile Position"
Jeremy Flick
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
Acrylic, inkjet on plastic

Artist Statement -

My inspiration came from an excerpt of the Global Poverty Report (G8 Okinawa Summit, July, 2000). 'Poverty goes back beyond lack of income. It encompasses economic, social, and governance dimensions. Economically, the poor are not only deprived of income and resources, but of opportunities. Markets and jobs are often dificult to access, because of low capabilities and geographical and social exclusion. Limited access to education affects the ability of the poor to get jobs and to obtain information that could improve the quality of their lives. Poor health due to inadequate nutrition, hygiene, and health services further limites the prospects for work and from realizing their mental and physical potential This fragile position is exacerbated by insecurity. Living in marginal conditions with no resources to fall back on, shocks become hard or impossible to offset. The situation is made worse by the structure of societies and institutions that tend to exclude the poor from participating in decision-making over the direction of social and economic development.

2008 3d winner
Caroline Battle
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional

Artist Statement -

This work symbolizes the struggle with global poverty and the path towards solving it. The process of this aluminum casting involved burning and cutting, representing the pain and the poor quality of life so many have to endure in this world due to a lack of awareness and help. The forms resemble items such as bread or bars of previous metal, signifying the value of food and money for revealing the impoverished and sustaining a comfortable life. A bandage encompasses these forms, symbolizing the potential healing of the epidemic of global poverty through community and togetherness. It is through this type of group effort... that global poverty can be erased.