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2006 2d winner
"The Opposite Of War Isn't Peace"
Kathryn Cappillino
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
Mixed media collage

Artist Statement -

War is death, destruction, and confusion, and this situation is the norm. However... despite war, disease, and destruction, we have the ability to create anew. That's what we need to do, create and renew.

2006 3d winner
"Iron Heart"
Judith Stone
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional

Artist Statement -

This heart form was made through a casting process using a 'reaction mold.' In a reacion mold, a form is built and imbedded into a mold that contains glass and other substances that 'react' when molten iron is poured in. In other words, the mold has baggage! Like the human heart, the molten iron seeks to fill the void of the form in the most perfect and complete manner possible, given the circumstances and issues, blatant or veiled, that must be negotiated. The outcome of a 'reaction mold' can never be predicted; awareness, history, and process blend into both tragedy and beauty.