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2004 2d winner
"Getting Dark"
Tai Hwa Goh
First Prize, Category: 2 Dimensional
Paper, graphite

Artist Statement -

The more devices (such as weapons) are created and developed to make peaceful world, the more our world gets unmerciful and destructed. The more powerful shields are created, the stronger spears and mutated monsters will be born. Men will not stop it until we get mortality. Every effort to make our world bright is maybe making the world darker. What can we do? Is it the only thing we can do to accept our darkness?

2004 3d winner
"Battle Rattles"
Cal A. Lee
First Prize, Category: 3 Dimensional
Cast metal, ribbon

Artist Statement -

These rattles were conceived form my own experience with war and conflict; my Grandfather's tales of serving in World War II; my Father, who deployed for his second tour of duty in Vietnam shortly after my birth; and my own deployment 25 years later for the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

I present these rattles not only to all the children who have lost a parent to war or who wait for one to return home, but also, to those who live daily with the terror of war and those who live in its remnants.

So, while these rattles were born from and speak of conflict, let them speak more loudly of hope in that same breath.