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modes of painting
9/13 - 10/4, 2012
Art by Emily Rodia, Lily Kuonen, and Stephen Evans
Stephen Evans<br>“The Second Day”<br>Latex and fluorescent spray paint on canvas<br>2012 Stephan Evans<br>“First Efficient Cause”<br>Latex on canvas and wall<br>2012 Stephen Evans<br>“Here Comes the Son”<br>Latex on canvas<br>2011 Stephen Evans<br>“If B then A”<br>Graphite and spray paint on paper<br>2012 Stephen Evans<br>“Life Line”<br>Latex on canvas<br>2012 Stephen Evans<br>“Rise”<br>Latex on canvas and wall<br>2012 Lily Kuonen<br>“Templates”<br>Graphite on paper, paint lid, crate, acrylic on tape, and pegboard<br>2012 Lily Kuonen<br>“Held”<br>Cut wood, ratchet straps, and pressure<br>2012 Lily Kuonen<br>“Two Gather”<br>Acrylic, canvas threads, and canvases<br>2012 Lily Kuonen<br>“Portray”<br>Acrylic on mirrors with canvases<br>2011 Lily Kuonen<br>“Two to One”<br>Canvases and ratchet straps<br>2010 Lily Kuonen<br>“Portal”<br>Wood, acrylic, cardboard, and MDF<br>2012 Lily Kuonen<br>“Outside/Inside”<br>Paint buckets and cut mirrors<br>2011 Emily Rodia<br>“Still Life with Cinderblock”<br>Plants, canvas, cinderblock, light, hanger<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Still Life”<br>Plant, canvas, thread<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Fence”<br>Cactus, wood, potato, canvas, thread, mirror<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Shelf Life”<br>Found objects<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Suitcase”<br>Plants, dirt, suitcase, mirror<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Golden Pothos”<br>Plant, canvas, fabric, wood, dirt<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Still Life with Brick”<br>Plant, bricks, plastic<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Still Life with Placemat”<br>Plant, cactus, canvas, linen, screen, placemat, stick<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Stitched Leaf”<br>Fabric, thread<br>2012 Emily Rodia<br>“Stitched Paintings”<br>Canvas, thread<br>2012