The Department has well-equipped sculpture studio facilities that support working in a variety of mediums with dedicated wood, stone, and metal-working areas. In addition to the 9000-square-foot indoor space, there is a 15000-square-foot outdoor work area, serviced by a 3-ton, 20’ high, 30' x 60' bridge crane and a 30” iron-melting cupola. Our resources continue to expand outside of the traditional studio facilities to include access to digital sculpting tools through 3D software and hardware.




The wood shop/studio (3,000 square ft) is equipped with ventilation, compressed air and large stationary equipment. The large stationary equipment includes a planer, joiner, table saw, radial arm and miter saws, a large band saw, and a 14 in. band saw, drill presses, and belt and disc sanders. The studio has numerous hand held electric and pneumatic tools, such as belt and orbital sanders, drills, die grinders, saber & circular saws and chain saws, along with the necessary chisels, clamps, glue guns, etc. this is a necessity for the sculptor working in wood.


Stone and Metal:

These disciplines share a well-ventilated, 4000-square-foot, common studio with access through an oversized, roll-up door which permits materials, supplies, and sculptures to be moved in and out by truck. Just inside the entrance, a 2-ton electric hoist is mounted on a jib crane to facilitate loading and building large sculptures.

Available tools specific to stone working are pneumatic carving hammers, air and electric grinders, two hammer drills with assorted carbide bits for drilling and splitting with wedges and feathers, two circular saws with diamond blades to cut granite and marble, and assorted hand chisels, hammers and rasps.

The metal shop/studio has four arc welders (MIG and water-cooled TIG), numerous oxy-acetylene cutting and welding units, a plasma arc cutter, a gas forge with dies, tongs and other forging tools, a power hacksaw and an abrasive chop saw, drill presses, sanders, a ten-foot sheet metal brake and numerous hand tools such as drills, grinders, etc. The welding stations are shielded with fireproof curtains and serviced by flexible fume exhausts.




Courses Offered in Sculpture:

ARTT 330 - Elements of Sculpture - Metal Casting
ARTT 331 - Elements of Sculpture - Steel
ARTT 333 - Elements of Sculpture - Wood and Mixed-Media
ARTT 438A - Advanced Sculpture Studio - Metal Casting
ARTT 438B - Advanced Sculpture Studio - Steel Sculpture

For a full list of courses currently being offered in sculpture, please check the Testudo website here.


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