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The Painting Area in the Department of Art at UMCP provides a foundation in the methods and materials of traditional media, and supports advanced work that reflects the vitality and breadth of contemporary practice. The two undergraduate painting studios are 1,250 square foot spaces with 20-foot ceilings and large skylights. The professionally accomplished faculty brings real-world experience and a broad knowledge of historical and contemporary art to their classes. Students are encouraged to develop individual expressive and conceptual points of view, and to find the technical means to convey them. The open, creative environment in Painting provides a fertile ground for all modes of painting, from representational and abstract works to those that offer a critique of the medium itself. Painting at UMCP takes place in small classes where daily individual contact with the Professors and frequent group critiques form the basis of instruction. ARTT 320, Elements of Painting, is an introductory course that provides a foundation in the methods and materials of painting. ARTT 428, Painting, is a combined intermediate and advanced course in which students are encouraged to develop individual directions. Courses that emphasize acrylic paint, oil, or both, are available. The Department also offers Special Topics painting courses on an intermittent basis.



Courses Offered in Painting:

ARTT 320 - Elements of Painting

This introductory course provides a basic foundation in the methods and materials of painting, including: A basic understanding of painting tools, various supports, pigment and media, color theory, color mixing, and various opaque and transparent processes. Professors support the studio experience with lectures, slides, handouts, and/or textbooks. While the faculty provides a foundation of historical perspective, they encourage students to develop individual creative directions and explore the position that painting occupies in contemporary art.

ARTT 428 - Painting

This multi-level course combines the second, third, fourth, and fifth levels of painting. Students in this course are encouraged to develop and refine their individual and conceptual technical directions. The faculty emphasizes a contemporary context by providing examples, references, and personal experiences. Direct experience of historical and contemporary works at museums and galleries is an important component of this course. Note: This course is often more specifically subtitled.

Advanceed Special Topics in Art

This course, offered on an intermittent basis, focuses on specific topics in current painting practice and/or theory. Recent offerings include: Experimentation in Water-based Media; Painting Off the Wall; Painting, Collage, and Construction; Contemporary Issues in Abstract Painting.

For a full list of courses currently being offered, please check the Testudo website here.


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