Graphic Design

Graphic Design Course Descriptions


ARTT355: Intermediate Graphic Design Principles (Formerly ARTT350)

Investigation of basic concepts, history, techniques, and materials used by professional graphic designers, focusing on typography. Explores various aspects of design related to typography through examination and production of many types of finished work.

ARTT356: Graphic Design Processes (Formerly ARTT351)

Explores pre-press techniques for designers; computer file preparation, paper selection, separations, screen printing, thermography, variable data and finishes. Emphasis on concept-driven and community-based projects using type- and illustration-oriented processes. Includes printer tour and presentation from a paper representative.

ARTT386: Experiential Learning (Design Internship)

Individual Instruction course: To register, fill in the Internship Permission Form and Confirmation Form. You will need the signitures of your internship supervisor and faculty. You will obtain section number when you have the faculty signiture. Submit the two forms to the Art Department Office: Jennifer Flores to complete your registration.



ARTT454: Advanced Graphic Design Principles: Design In Society

Focus on social responsibility and community activism. History and theory of propaganda and advocacy-based design. Students explore current design practices, work individually, and collaborate in teams with non-profits or other clients with community-based or socio-cultural agendas. Research and writing-intensive course.

ARTT457: Advanced Interactive Graphic Design

Advanced concepts and techniques of interactive design and interactive software. Examination of corporate, client-based and public service-based interactive design strategies.

ARTT499: Directed Studies in Graphic Design

Advanced independent studies in Graphic Design. Meetings with faculty and studio time arranged.


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